Why Would I?

If i go by the idea of other main Relgions that have God in them, then he hates me so why would i care about him?

and if ppl have there own personal view on God why would i care about that? thats there view, it has become, to me, there own personal God. personally, i dont need a God

and if there is a God who really does have these list of commadenments that i must never do and will punish me forever and ever and yet claims to love me, well i'm going to Hell anyway weather i believe him or not.

and i'm beyond God now, i've  moved on from him, to me he is a rotting corpse lol, a childhood idea of mine, something to play with as i grew up until i just threw it aside and decided to tackle real issues and real problems instead of this what i consider to me, kid stuff.
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God doesnt hate you he loves you I must confess that I stopped at the point where you wrote hate. So havent yet read the rest but if you want to talk let me know. I thought you might as you started the conversation

Your ideas of who and what God is reflect the way God has been portrayed by those claiming to know him and have ended up misrepresenting his nature completely. I am one of those millions, and on their behalf I want to say we're really sorry.<br />
<br />
GOD IS LOVE. Any high ideas we may have of what love is fall far short of the totally self-less, self-sacrificial, all-embracing love that really defines who and what God is, and that we can only know by revelation.<br />
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God has gone to, and will go to, any lengths to gain you. It's not just your worship he wants he wants you. The IMPULSIVE one that he made for himself and built in all those impulsive personality traits that make you you. You hold a unique place in his heart and as a father with a large family thinks of each one of his children as being his favorite, so you are his favorite - right now, and he is not prepared to let you go even when you say you "don't need a God" or have "moved on from him".<br />
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God is not about commandments and punishments for not doing them. He is about bringing LIFE in the place of Death. Grace instead of laws. The only reason he gave the commandments in the first place was to show mankind how weak we all are and much much we need him. <br />
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My advice is that, instead of trying to shut out of your mind and live without such a horrific false god, that you try praying and asking the true God - who is also really your Father - what he is really like.


true love is religion(read above), to mediate maybe is a way to gather those energies(love) ,and maybe observing with no conflict is a way to give back that energy(love)to all human beings!?<br />
religion(egyptian/greek) the gathering of all energies

What is being beyond God? I think the word "god" is not fitting or real anymore in our advancing society. To me being beyond God, is perhaps transcending the common ideas of it in our judeo-Christian society. "God" is you and me. "god" is the omniverse, reality, existence, a non-duality. Go beyond the common. "god" is M.O. No judgment or commandments. No bible. No book. It is pure creation and you are a creator and that's why the question still stands and the ideas of it still stands. No one can go beyond their selves, their consciousness, their creation which is many but all One.

lol sometimes i do that, other times i just..well..i do **** all then lol

:) thanks! :D heh, i dont even know why i bothered writing this, bored i guess lol.