We Need to Drop Everything Religious


Just my opinion. Of course it’s as impossible as angels, but if we are going to unite in the future, we need to drop our stale ways of thinking. I do think it is important wether or not God exists, and obviously the faithful do as well.

And as long as the faithful are in my face, on the news, in the schools brainwashing children, on the streets, in politics…I will fight for logic to prevail. God is as unlikely as any other imaginary thing. God is imaginary. To waste human potential of such belief…to me it is a waste, a waste of so many things.

Evolution opens the mind, much like they think the bible does…only scientific theories change with the evidence provided, whereas religion defies change (Or evolves into a new faith that conveniently fits in the new society)

 And lastly, discrimination. Would an atheist be elected American president? The idea is laughable and that is very sad. How much longer will intellectuals be the minority?

Speak out and fight ignorance.

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3 Responses Jun 7, 2007

I believe in evolution and I believe that it is God's will that we become as gods. I also believe that God is love and that with love we will become as gods and that with love, we can bring heaven to earth. That is what I believe is the will of God, that we evolve into all that we are in spirit. It could happen if we all will it to happen and live with love in our hearts every day. We could end all wars and we could learn to love our neighbors and we could feed the hungry and homeless and we could live in peace. That is what I pray for.

Hey, I love new ideas. I'm all about creationist options; how about we're simulated by an alien intelligence, or we were created from the relics of a decaying Saurian race forced to modify the more efficient mammalian scavengers in the late cretaceous before their geothermal power systems failed and they left for greener planets...<br />
I like ideas

Actually, I do see an Atheist being elected president in the future. Most would of have said this about Obama. "No one would ever allow a black man into office." Although he is biracial, but you know what I mean. He also accepts the Muslim community with open arms when Shrub (Bush) did NOT.<br />
<br />
I believe in both evolution and creationism. It would take many days for me to explain why I do, but I do. I have spoken with pastors and Darwinists (what I thought that was a word?!) about it and they are in agreement with me about it. Although, a few of the pastors were leaning more towards "transforming" me into a Christian (trying to get me to adopt a religion which I refuse) but they did at least hear me out.