They Are One With The Universe

Yes that's why all is one and one is all preachers are just trying to tell everyone that they are god.


yeah lol

they are one with the UNIVERSE,

they have all the POWERS OF THE UNIVERSE.


 It has this implication. If all is one and one is all the you are all lol 

and if you are all then nobody else matters but you.. 

this is pretty psychopathic narcissistic there is no other word's to describe it.


people who claim contact with angels at least know there is a separation.

When All is yourself it's pretty much making yourself god and the rest of humanity don't even exist lol
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There are many humans I wish did not exist - those that cause pain and suffering to the innocents - small children and animals - I hope they are tortured for many years when the time comes. They will reap what they sow. And I hope I am there to participate in their torment!
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