2nd Chance At Life

Hi, this is my first post. I am 22 years old and I am a college student. I have been sober for almost 21 months (2 years by 11/1).

So why is my title "2nd Chance at Life"?

Well, I used to be a binge drinker during the fall semesters of college (I was sober during spring freshman year but I decided to drink again in the fall of my sophomore year). I would drink till I passed out and I would hear all sorts of shenanigans I did while I was heavily intoxicated, which I would always be embarrassed about. I drank cuz it made me feel good about myself and I felt that I could achieve anything and that I could talk to people without being too anxious. Majority of why I drank a lot had to do with depression, low self esteem and low self confidence. I was also in competition with my 'friends' to see who could drink the most. Fall semester sophomore year was the worst. I passed out several times during the weekends and my grades started to slip a lot. I was angry most of the time, at my mess up and I did not have anyone to talk to. Drinking felt like a 'cure' for me.

On Halloween, our fraternity had a party so I drank probably at least 12 drinks in 4 hours. I also took some pills I cant remember what. I wanted to end my life that night. I woke up the next day alive. I looked around and saw that I have puked everywhere and my pants were all wet. I just sat at my bed crying my eyes out, cuz I could have died the night before ( I went to see a counselor and he calculated that my BAC was between .024 and .026 but with the pills).

After that near death/attempted suicide experience, I stopped drinking completely. Became stone cold sober. I went to therapy and counseling and asked for help from professionals. I dont enjoy talking to people about drinking or be around alcohol whenever I am at a social situation. Sure, I am being anti-social, but I am trying to protect myself. People dont understand why I dont drink, but I dont really care. They wouldn understand the dangers especially for me who was going through personal problems and wanted to end my life.

I am proud to be sober. I dont really care what people say or criticize about my lifestyle. Drinking is overrated. I just ignore people for the most part when it comes to alcohol. I just bluntly say 'I dont drink, its that a problem?'. Immature people dont get it.The place where I volunteer at, they asked once if I wanted a beer and I said no, and they accepted it, because they understand not everyone drinks. Some people in college are so immature about it, which is a tragedy because many students die from alcohol poisoning.

If you are gonna drink, I wont say anything but to be careful and never drink and drive cuz I know families who have lost their loved ones to drunk drivers. Just dont be stupid like I was 21 months ago.
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I am proud of you. You have taken a stance in life and sticking to it. I dont drink, in fact I cant stand the taste or smell of it and people tease me because I dont drink. I dont need booze to be me and enjoy life. I buried too many friend's who were having " fun " and it cost them their life. My wife drink's a beer I wont even kiss her because I can taste or smell it. Stick to your gun's, you wont regret it. Good Luck.