it's not that it's a bad product, alcohol is in a lot of things one wouldn't of realized if one hadn't read the nutrition label and ingredients list. Headaches, vomiting, and other ailments associated with beer wine and other alcohol products, really make it easy to stay away from. I haven't had a problem with alcohol in over a decade.
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the flavor of wine and beer is appropriate with certain foods, and in such moderation, it shouldn't be such a problem for so many.

The social thing with drinking, I just don't understand, what "Fun" is derived from throwing up your innards, feeling awful, and probably making a fool of yourself in front of others--actions are louder than words, definitely in this case. I enjoy a good class of wine or a beer once in a while but I am not going to overdo it, I just don't like being so sick I can't see straight or wonder what had done while I was drunk, kind of scary if you ask me, and also kind of dumb as well.