Idon't Like Alcohol.....

When I was a teenager and hung around with the "cool" group I used to drink a lot, but as I started getting older I started losing my taste for alcohol. I think I finally lost my taste for all drinks with alcohol when I was about 35. Now I still smoke pot - every day if I can. I like getting high from weed (nothing else) as it does not have any of the same effects that alcohol does. I lost my best friend to cirrohis of the liver (I'm still pissed at him for more or less committing suicide in this manner - a death that was COMPLETELY preventable). When we were younger he was the one that showed the most promise, and then he was the first from the "cool high school group" to die. He didn't even make it to 50. Such a waste. When they call alcohol poison I agree completely.
chillsdavis chillsdavis
56-60, M
May 15, 2012