I Never Will, It's Silly

I know I'm a teen, but I joined this group because I really don't drink alcohol and I never will. It sounds naughty, but one of my mum's friends invited me and my mum over to her house, since it was her 60th birthday. (we call her Lotty, it's short for Charlotte) anyway, Lotty got a bottle of this rossette wine, well..i think that's how you spell it, but it's pink, kind of a juice looking colour and it was carbonated like champagne. Lotty told me to try some (she's a big drinker!) and she actually gave me a whole glass full, even though I'm literally only 14. I tried a bit, it was really strong. I only dipped my tongue in it and it tasted like a strong chemical, like bleach. An acidic, poison-like taste that made me feel dizzy and my vision went funny. It's really weird how it had an effect on me, even though I only had small sips. Point is, it really felt horrid, and even though I tried my best to see if I could have some more, I knew it was wrong, so I left the glass full, without having no more. I don't know why Lotty gave me a whole glass, but Im glad I didn't try to drink the whole thing! My vision had gone a bit blurry and I thought something was wrong, but it don't matter. The main point is, is that I think alcohol is stupid. People act like it is "essential" when it's not. People treat it like its some ritual, like if you don't drink it, you are being "silly" and you are in the wrong. And people say that toy need alcohol to have a good time at a party, well know you don't, it's the party and what the party is like that should give you the buzz, and who is there, not some poison drink that tastes like battery acid. I hate it when people say ridiculous things like "When you don't drink at a party, you feel bored and it's boring because you're not on the same level as the others" well personally, that's rubbish. I know people have this insane thing in their head that alcohol is the only thing that stops you from being bored at a party, but NO, it's the party itself that is either boring or not, not the fact that you're not drinking etc. I don't like people who blab on about different wines and crap like that, they're clearly lacking real conversation, and clearly are acting like fools. I don't understand people who also blab on about alcohol, like it's so important and that you "have to have a glass of wine with that meal you're eating" seriously, it's poncy, fussy, childish. It's like some adult obsession. I also hate these wine critics, I mean, get a life, it's some drink made from fermented fruit, which is flipping gross in my opinion. What would you say if a waiter in a restaurant came up to you and said "Would you like some fermented juice?" you would feel horrified, maybe not, but I bet soome people would, and that's alcohol, it's virtually poison, and hats what it tastes like!! One last thing, I will never drink because it is pathetic, alcohol has been turned into some huge craze, people die because of alcohol. Honestly, have you seen the amount of alcohol put on shelves down the isles of supermarkets? Is absolutely atrocious, it should be illegal to dell that much alcohol. Literally, absolute tons, and tons, and shelves jammed full of bottles and stuff, wow, alcohol has serious got that crazed? It was a drink made thousands of years ago and it still hasn't died off? Geez, life is weird. I don't drink and I am certainly not going to and hana, that Lotty is not forcing wine down me ever again. I know she was just trying to be friendly (I guess! Lol) but its horrid. When me and my mum left, Lotty said "Oops, we've got her on to alcohol now! Haha" and I thought to myself "Actually, no you haven't because it's rotten and I'm not drinking no more" haha.
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2 Responses May 28, 2012

yea,I know what you mean,i am sorry if i misunderstood you ,you sound a very sensible young lady God bless and thank you for replying.

interesting but i think your missing the point , you dont like alcohol because your not an alcoholic. Alcoholics dont drink because they like Alcohol , they drink it because they are addicted to it ,they can not function with out it. To tell them its silly is not really a solution, if it was that simple they would say thank you for your words of wisdom and simply stop.LOL