Why I Don't

So, I don't really talk about this with much people. I've never liked beer. When i was 17, I drank vodka sometimes, but my drink of choice was always bourbon either straight or RTD's. Well, I'm a pretty small person, what you would consider short, so I got picked on a lot... Well, I was at a party that one of my friends threw at his house, and it got pretty big. I came out of a relationship and I was feeling really down, so I drank. I didn't drink much since I hadn't eaten since I broke up with her two days before. So, one of the guys she cheated with was at the party, he was having such a good time with his mates, and I must've been pretty drunk but I punched him in the face and he toppled, he's pretty big but I couldn't feel my hand. I then got on top of him and hit him and hit him and hit him... My hands were warm, and all i thought was why wasnt anyone stopping me? I didn't really understand why I was so angry at him, I wasn't angry that she cheated, only depressed... I tell this story because recently i met him at work. He understood, even though he was visibly still habit mad about it. I told him that it could've been the bourbon, because at the time I hadn't eaten in two days, and I thought I had gotten rid of the diabetes, but I didn't.

Since that party, I haven't drank alcohol at all. People still get pissed off that I won't drink with them, but I tell them that story and they accept it through gritted teeth.
NoctisUmbra NoctisUmbra
22-25, M
Dec 1, 2012