My Reason

One of my immediate family members got into a lot of trouble for drinking. They were arrested multiple times and got caught with other drugs as well. I am 17 and 100% of the kids at my school above junior year drink socially, except my two best friends. I judge underage people if they drink alcohol.

Chefdjc91 Chefdjc91
1 Response Aug 15, 2008

lol do you think this is something to be proud of? So you don't drink. So what. Neither do I. A lot of people don't. You shouldn't steal either but do you think you deserve recognition for that? Not drinking is nothing to be proud of. i don;t understand why people desire to start in the first place. Alcohol doesn't taste good. And it's not good for you. So stop expecting a round of applause or 'good for you's' because you are doing what you are SUPPOSED to be doing. Are you going to make a post about how you do your homework and turn it in on time next?