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Or Any Other Drugs...

I do not know why I don't drink or do other drugs, I just never think about it and if some of my friends ask me I just say no. No one has ever told me: "Do not drink/smoke etc"...

I'm weird, I know, but luckily in a good way :P haha


myspip myspip 18-21, M 5 Responses Jul 9, 2007

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i'm the same way...

way to live above the influence.<br />
<br />
kudos to you. :)

yes I am this way exactly my parents never said not to I don't know I never was curious about them at all is weird...but good!!

It definitely helps when you don't have someone breathing down your neck about saying no to temptation. For instance, I go to school in an ex-convent. There's an old-nuns home up the road and everything. Talk about motivation to turn to vice...

I was always this way too. I drink occationally, but that's it. Most of my friends smoked pot, and I had no trouble telling them No. When you think about it, that commercial "JUST SAY NO!" is REALLY cheesy, and yet so truthful in use. ;} Funny how I overcame peer pressure as a teen, but when I was 21 gave in to my Adult hubby that wanted me to try pot on our 1 yr. anniversary! I wasn't overly impressed with the affect, and don't see me doing it in the future. But hey, that's just me; more power to anyone who chooses otherwise.