I Tried It In College, But No Thanks

I tried alcohol when I left home for college, but after about 6 months I stopped.  Why?

1. Didn't like the taste.  Still don't.  Tastes like something I should be using to clean the kitchen, or wipe down the furniture.

2. Didn't like the people I ended up being around.  On weekdays, when they were sober, they didn't seem to have anything to say about anything.  (I realize some people drink just a little alcohol and don't get drunk.)

3. Didn't like the risks I took when I was drunk.  Like the time I returned to sobriety and found myself in a car with a drunk driver going 90 mph.  I wanted OUT but was trapped.  Why I survived, I don't know.

It just wasn't the life for me.  I will still try a little every now and then, such as when I'm with someone who's having one, and immediately regret it because the stuff leaves such a nasty taste.  Oh, and it costs too much too.  Give me fruit juice!


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2 Responses Aug 4, 2007

The LAST thing I want to do is sound like I'm encouraging you, but can I just put a couple of things straight. <br />
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Alcohol tastes different in many forms. Some truly does taste like cleaning material, in fact it is. Nothing finer than vodka for getting things grease-free. But wine and beer taste very different to vodka, and to each other. And drinking in small quantities such as a couple of beers on the deck with your BBQ or a glass of wine with different is a world apart from being a "drunk". It's not a question of a choice between drunk and sober, those are just the extremes. <br />
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This is a public service announcement on behalf of responsible wine-lovers everywhere:)

I might have 4 beers a year ... maybe 3 glasses of wine a year ... I just can't justify it ... like you, I think it's too expensive considering the risks ...<br />
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I'm glad you made it out of that care alright!!!