Im Just a Juy Who Wants to Have Fun Without Alcohol

I am 24 started drinking when i was 18.i began to hate the person i was when i was drinking so i went threw stages of giving it up a couple of months here,a couple of months their.The reason why i keep slipping  back was because stopped going out,stopped going away wit my friends on holidays because everyone was drinking apart from me.i was not having fun because everyone was drunk apart from i keep getting week and ending drinking with them.But not anymore im off it a year now and im going to be of it for the rest of my life.I would love to meet a female women who does not drink because i reckon two people who do not drink that hang out together would have serous crack, do great things together,would have so much in commen and make even more friends who do not drink.e-mail me for the crk.
rosard rosard
22-25, M
Aug 9, 2007