Why I Don't Drink Alcohol Anymore

when i was younger alcohol was my friend.  I joined the army and could drink on post at 18.  It was fun.  I could drink guys under the table.  because of the shortage of women i could leave with enough money for 1 drink and come home that evening totally wasted.  after the army I continued top drink.and i would have continued to this day if Halloween haddent happened

I live near a college town to drinking is a big deal here and any thing can lead to a big celebration.  And so it was Halloween night.  all the bars were having costume contests prizes would be awarded .  My dear husband and i planned our costumes carefully and hired a sitter for this the night.  we left dressed as death and a ghost.  we were very cool. 

Parking in a city lot we began or night of fun.  We walked from bar to bar attending the contests and wining. we won shots we son 1/2 priced drinks we one free drinks.  Along about 2 we returned to the car.  it was horrible the lot was small and the cars were parked so close I was not sure we would ever get out. in and out he shuffled the car and i was outside giving him direction.  about 45 minutes of jockying around we finally freed our car and started home. 

The next day concerned citizens that we are we headed down to take pictures of the lot and to suggest in a strongly worded letter qbout how the lines were painted making it an unsafe lot .  i was shocked the lot was huge  each spot ould easily park one and onehalf cars.  it was easy to manuver the car around.  that scared me  my preception had been so off the night before.  how did we make it home alright.

mom2snsb mom2snsb
46-50, F
Feb 7, 2010