I know that my circle have lives outside EP and I don't expect to talk to them every day.  I don't drop people just because we haven't talked in a while. That just isn't my style. I embrace everyone.

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LMAO. See that is unusual for us. I will warn you that I feel darkness coming.

Whew! And I was worried since we didn't talk for a couple of days about a month ago. LOL

Yeah i bet you are!

hehe! I am lazy.

Yeah i dont blame you either...

Hi there Rose. I was just getting ready to gesture you a wave so **wave** lol<br />
<br />
Mother, Yes you are and it makes me happy.<br />
<br />
I don't even want to try Ar.

Me too. ...but the people who don't talk to me for months.... now THEY are out.

I totally agree--Hi by the way! =)

What a job would it be to go through and find every friend you have that doesn't talk everyday... That would suck pretty bad.