Fragile...handle With Care

I've recently read several stories by those who say if someone in their circle doesn't comment on their posts, write often, and send and return their gestures, they will be dropped .  If you choose to drop me because I do not interact or respond to gestures in a timely manner or as often as you might wish then so be it.....I understand and am quite alright with that.  But know this, I will not drop you and you are welcome back any time. 

I don't drop those who friend me and then disappear.  I might wonder why they friended me, but there are a many reasons and I don't spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about it.  As I've written in a past story, more often than not lately, I am unable to sit and comment on EVERY story written by those in my circle but that doesn't mean I haven't read them or kept up with how you are doing.  When someone has sent a personal gesture I try to answer but when I receive many circle gestures in a day I don't always take the time to gesture each and every one seperately. 

I assume those in my circle are like me, they have a life outside EP and when they log on they wish to write something or chat with a close friend.  I take no offense when I don't hear from everyone everyday.....but there are those who do.  I must say, I do find it interesting that those who complain about "no interaction" the most never EVER comment on my stories and rarely if ever speak.  Why do you get upset when you don't hear from me?  If you had paid attention when we met, you would remember I said I am not one to pester people continually with gestures and pm's.  I am always happy to talk to someone when they write but rarely initiate the converstion.....even with my good friends.  I feel this is only polite.  My friends would probably like a moment to write and post a story or make a new friend, answer some questions or ask a few. These people would know why I don't if they walked their own talk and read my posts.  I have posted my reasons for being logged on at times but not commenting and talking to everyone.  There are days when I can't type but I log on to take my mind off the never ending pain.  I am not ignoring any of my friends, I am actually doing you a favor lol, you dont have to put up with hearing me  whine ;')

No, I will not drop you from my circle because you do not talk on a daily basis.  Neither do I!  The only people who find themselves dropped or blocked are those who friend me under false pretenses and refuse to understand that I will not engage in cyber-sex or cheating on my Trooper.  I have dropped 2 because  they were only interested in using the sad or painful periods of my life for their own use in a book they wish to write.  My life is not for publication or for sale. Tell your own story, you don't need mine.

I always wish  blessings and happiness for all those in my circle.....and pray for peace in the hearts and minds of everyone in need on EP.  I don't mean to preach at you, but maybe it would be wise to think before you "drop"..... ask yourself if you have tried to interact with that person before you load all the blame on them.  You never know when that person you just dropped because they didn't pm you today is feeling so fragile they are ready to break.....please, handle them with care.

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Whew! Glad I'm not the only one. I do try to keep up with everyone but don't always comment, especially if everyone has said what I was going to say...seems redundant. Teehee, except some stories just REQUIRE me to say something.... I must not ease up on my teasing and eeevil ways.....muahahahaha

I agree 100% and am the same way I don't have that many in my circle and I do not respond to all their stories but I do read them as many as I can. I do try to return gestures but I admit I do not do them as often as I get them either. <br />
<br />
your not alone miss G

Omg, I didn't know that! Argh, that's terrible. Aaw, Trooper and I know you're there and won't forget you!

EP forced me to drop people and then re-add them because i thought I could see my circle again but alas I am destined to never know who my friends are in EP so i won't do that again.

Thank you for your thoughtful comment SoyaBeanire, I appreciate you taking the time. Yes, it's odd that after another year has passed since writing this, I still have people add me and then never speak. I do wonder why they added me in the first place! lol <br />
Hope your weekend is a good one.... bright blessings..... Giggles

Thanks SuperMother, I agree with you. I often read many stories on ep but just don't always leave a comment because everyone else said what I was thinking and I hate to repeat. I'm not needy either, I don't mind if I don't hear from people every single day. They have a life and I want them to enjoy it and not feel they need to spend all their time talking to me. Have a good night :)

LOL, yes I have a BIG LINE I draw when it comes to things like that :)

Hahaha well, time does fly! I had forgotten about this post but when I saw it I remembered you and I had a little misunderstanding over it. Hmm...I'm not sure if my influence is always a good thing! As it turns out, I have a bit of you rubbed off on me.... I have been known to pare down my circle from time to time. Thanks for reminding me that the world doesn't revolve around me either and I should take my own advice :) ((hugs))

Afreshstart77 ~ All I can say is OH Goodness, I had no intension of stifling anyone's free speech and I wasn't offended by your posting of why you occasionally delete someone from your circle. Please don't feel that I was pointing a finger at you darling man. I had read several stories written by those who truly do become offended if those in their circle don't comment on each and every story they write and message two or three times a day! I found that a ridiculous request, whether in ep, or in real life. I simply wanted to remind people that often there are reasons some of us don't always comment or message continually. My close friends know that and we have no problem with it. I have been known to delete people from my circle if I find they friended me under false pretenses, or they will not understand that I am not on here for cyber-sex.....but for the most part I am not in the habit of dropping people because they do not talk. As you said, you and I knew from the start that we are both fairly quiet and don't tend to initiate the conversation but it doesn't mean we don't care. Please don't delete your postings, that is the last thing I would want. I had not read yours but have since done so and find nothing to ob<x>ject to. I understood what you meant and didn't take any offense. When I wrote this I had no idea it would upset anyone. I don't go around stirring up trouble with an ugly stick and I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Forgive me?

Thank you Alliya :)

Well said!

i wouldn't expect to talk to someone EVERY day, but i think fi you add someone to your circle, it's not unreasonable to want them to talk with you, comment on your stories, etc at some point. i've talked to people on here that have added others to their circles and never or rarely spoke to the person, even if they iniated contact first. what do you do then, when you reach out to people that you thought wanted to be your friend and never get a reply? under circumstances like that, i see nothing wrong with deleting those people.

Aaaw, thank you my trooper :)

You are always so kind and understanding. Don't ever change darling woman. Your friends all love you so much (and you KNOW I do ;')

Gray51 ~ Yes, I agree. That's exactly why I wrote this. I love my friends on ep but we do have a life and can't always sit for hours responding to everyone :) Hope your time on ep is a joy!

Hi, I am a little bit new to this site too, but I do not get to respond back a lot of time because I don't have much time to log in to the site, but no offense to nobody, but if I do not respond because I a very busy and the site is very relaxing to my mind and I have to catch myself at time and get up and do something else. All I;m saying is that you do have a life on the others side, NO OFFENSE at all. Gray51.

thanks - I'm new to this website - in fact these sites in general, but your post has given me a bit of background.<br />
I haven't got into much of the interaction yet - just responding to posts as I feel motivated to.<br />
I can see how you could spend a lot of time here and neglect your "Life outside".

Welcome to EP. There are wonderful people here and I hope you enjoy your time while logged in. My story was only meant for a few who fuss. I have a feeling they are probably the same way in their daily life outside EP, lol. I've never felt if someone doesn't talk to me every day then they can't be a friend. Yes, it is EASY to find yourself becoming addicted to this site , hahaha but there are worse things I guess. Thanks for your comment! Giggles ;')

thanks - I'm new to this website - in fact these sites in general, but your post has given me a bit of background.<br />
I haven't got into much of the interaction yet - just responding to posts as I feel motivated to.<br />
I can see how you could spend a lot of time here and neglect your "Life outside".