That Is Annoying.

I get tired of people's threats to remove others from their circles if they don't comment on their stuff.  That is ridiculous to me.  I pop in and out all day, I miss a lot of people's recent activity because I have so many friends, then, what I do catch, I don't have anything productive to say, so I don't.  I like having a variety of people in my circle, it exposes me to new groups.  I definitely don't delete people for not talking to me.

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Right, just because I haven't talked with someone in my circle,it doesn't mean I'm not interested in what they have to say, I talk with lots of people but I don't keep people who want to have cyber sex. If I want to have sex with a machine I'll do my toaster.

i agree with bubblegum84. those that have blatantly ignored you, why keep them around? i feel like friendship, be it online or off, takes some effort and i wouldn't be surprised or hurt if someone deleted me when i made little or no effort to keep the friendship going.

I don't think I've ever deleted anyone. I just really don't care. And I don't count friends. Who gives a ****? I talk to people who want to talk. Sometimes I bug them. Big D.

Well there are people that have blatantly not bothered to respond to me, there are people that have added me and when I write to them, they don't bother responding, so I decircle them, there's no point in having them in my circle is there. People that I have striked up a friendship with though that I havn't heard from in a while, I don't get rid of them, we all have lives out EP and I will always be there when they want to talk to me.

I try to comment on stuff as I go along, but I miss people, ya know?? I am glad you guys are cool about it.

urbrandofheroin, I'm glad you don't drop people that haven't said hello in a while, <br />

cancergirl20, yes it does, if I check up on someone and find out. I guess for me this is an , out of sight-out of mind kind of thing.

but if you hadn't talked to them in so long, would it really matter to you if they had deleted you, puck?

I've got 3 years worth of friends , and I feel badly about losing touch with so many, but quite a few have moved on, and some have just lost touch with me. I'm relieved when I find out I haven't been purged by someone I haven't talked to in a long time.

i don't think it's unreasonable to delete those that you never or rarely have contact of any kind with. if people are going to do that, what's the point of adding someone to your circle in the first place?

I can't add peoples since there's a "glitch" on my profile, instead, they add me. I asked them why they do that? some of them said its because I'm funny, cool, and made them smiles and laugh.<br />
But soon after I become "not as active as before" because of my freakin busy life, they drop me from their circle.. They call it "cleanin out their closet".<br />
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:)<br />
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I know its their choice, but why they add peoples if later they gonna drop them just because they don't talk as often as before?<br />
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There's a simple rules on EP made by some of it users :<br />
<br />
"Friends: You're mute, I'll kick your butt to the thrash."<br />
<br />
Boo double hoo!

yeah..i dont want to delete anyone unless theres a serious reason ex. if someone doesn respect me n might ask nude pictures hm...i made many friends here,i have them in my heart.if they want to delete me that doesn mean i delete them from my heart..i try talk with everyone but sometimes i cant.doesn mean im not thinkin bout them