I make a deal with myself today is the day I am going to eat properly.  So I start the day off right eating oatmeal, having fruit for snacks and some yougart.  Eating a salad at lunch time or soup and sandwich, the afternoon I eat some more fruit, cheese or some veggies and then for supper I eat fish, chicken or pork with veggies.  In the evening I stick with fruit.  This all goes well for the first few days then something upsets me and I grab the first thing that is full of calories and not healthy and Im back to eating bad again.  Sure wish I knew what to do so this would not happen.  It is so difficult staying on track with eating healthy.  I get so frustrated with myself, then  get angry then more depressed and eat lousy again till the next time I try.

I always mess up and feel worse because I can not stay motivated....wish I knew what to do.

tatteredwings tatteredwings
1 Response Mar 17, 2009

You problem looks like cravings and too much carbs and sugar. You need more protein in the diet to slow down your digestion and make you feel satisfied longer. Too much carbs and not enough protein will just keep making crave carbs. Try to have like one or two small pieces of fruit a day, not too much. And don't eat after 8pm.<br />
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Try to have a handful portion of protein with every meal and snack with protein powder shakes. They will keep you satisfied. Unflavoured whey isolate or hemp protein powder is best. Less crap in it.