No Please, I Do Not Want To.

I do not want to grow up, I am not ready for the real world at all. All this crap that happened with my family, I really hate it. My oldest brother is fighting with my mom and she told him to be more independent. They are fighting are now my oldest brother is doing stuff on his own, laundry, food, you name it. My mom is now getting mad at me for not doing chores around the house, I am doing them, I say I will do them later and I do but sh wants them done now. I did not do anything for her to scream at me, I am scared of life I realize that now. I was doing chores to keep my phone but now she is threatening now not to pay it. Forcing me to get a job, I know I am 17 but I am terrified of the real world, I like having no responsibilities, not having to do anything, if I could I would just stay young forever because I am kid inside who has been acting mature for years and I do not want to anymore at all. The thought of growing up makes cry, like right now. If I have to grow up I will probably kill myself because I am pathetic. I do not want to grow up, I can not handle the real world. I do not want a job or anything with adult life. To be honest I might be dead by the end of this year. I know this sounds selfish but I do not want to grow up at all.
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Yes, it sucks to grow up and get a job.

I know this is a lot for you to handle at once, but sometimes you just have to take it one day at a time. Maybe by tomorrow your mom won't be threatening to take your phone away. I know that with my mom, some of the things she threatens me she never follows through with. Chances are that tomorrow things will be better. I'm very much the same way as you. I totally don't want to grow up either. I'm not ready to face the world at all and I don't want to leave home. I don't want to drive or get a job or anything. But I think that when I just finally get forced into it and have to do that stuff, then I might end up enjoying it. That seems to happen to me a lot. Whenever I end up doing things that I don't think I would like, it almost always turns out that I actually like it. So maybe you'll be the same way! You never have to kill yourself because that won't solve anything. It will only ruin your life and any chance you had of enjoying it. Don't kill yourself, just try and work into life slowly so that it doesn't overwhelm you so much. I don't want to grow up either, but it will have to happen whether we like it or not. You can get through this! Just try and stay strong until things settle down and you are able to handle it all one by one.

This is alot to take in at once and I am trying to pull through it but my family can be something. My mom does not really follow through things either alot. I do not want to face the real world but I guess I have to, so I can have a life for myself. I will try not to kill myself and work my way through this

Aw, keep strong! Life is hard, and the thought of growing up in the real world is indeed a scary thing. But as scary as life can be, there are so many more beautiful aspects. You're here for a reason, Ben. And it's not to kill yourself. Life is a gift, and you deserve to be here. There is light at the end of this tunnel, I promise.

I am trying to stay strong but when they force crap on me like that, I hate it. I hope there is a reason why I am here. I am starting to doubt life.

It's annoying, but responsibility is just a part of life, trust me, I hate it too. There is, I promise. Don't doubt life, you're a very caring and special person, you just have to realise it. You have a purpose :)

I know, I am trying to pull through it. Thanks, you are an awesome friend. :)

I know you can, you have already shown how strong you are. Thank you, as are you. You're an awesome person, friend. You're going to do something great, I promise xx

Think of it like this - A machine comes with all of its parts, like a washing machine, and there are never any spare parts because, why would you need a spare part? The world is like that and we are all of the parts of the machine. If we lose someone, the world would break. As everyone says, stay strong!

(Yes I used a Hugo thing but that's how I think of life sometimes) :)

Exactly :)

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