You're Nearly 19 Years Old

"For goodness sakes Carmella, you're eighteen years old. You're nearly nineteen years old. Will you please start acting like it?"

If I had a pound every time my mother said this to me or something along these lines, I would be one very rich girl. I wouldn't need student loans and I would be able to probably purchase a car plus insurance

Sometimes I act very silly. Childish. Immature. Just not at all like the 'grown up' I am 'supposed to be' and I don't care. What I do care about is when my mother tells me off and practically yells at me for 'embarrassing' her

Thank God I'm getting out of here in nine days time. She keeps telling me that once I get to uni I'll meet people just like me: I frigging hope so, maybe we can be Peter Pans together and live in Neverland forever
CarmellaDWinter CarmellaDWinter
18-21, F
Sep 14, 2012