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im almost 30. i still play video games and watch cartoons.  i play with toys with my sons. i like riding bikes and my mother wonders why i still play video games but i told her i am what i am. she thought that by now i should grow up but naaaah! people who act old and all mature are always stressing out over stuff. i take care of my business but then i like to play!
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I see nothing wrong with adults enjoying video games and other things they enjoyed doing as a kid.My husband is 38 and enjoys playing all types of video games with our sons. I still collect Breyer Horses and other toys I loved as a child. We still watch cartoons both newer ones and ones we enjoyed as kids. I see nothing wrong with being "young at heart" I think it actually helps keep you physically younger!! I agree that people who act "old" and too mature are stressed out and they really seem to age faster! I enjoy having fun with my kids. Some people say I dress and act too young for my age, but so what, they need to lighten up and enjoy life!! You are only as old as you feel!!

there is nothing wrong with you at all, my husband is 31 and when he's not at work he's either in front of th etv playing video games with one of our 4 kids or he's outside riding the go-cart, jumping on the trampoline or swimming in the pool, once you stop doing all these things...well you get old ;( no one wants to feel old...