I Never Wanted This...

i hate growing up. im 16 and i just got a job and a driver's liscence. and i dont like having the added responsibility. my parents made me get a job this summer, and i dont disagree with them, im going to need to money so that i can go to college; and i had to get my drivers liscnece so that i can get myself to work. but it just bothers me so much because i was never one of those kids who tried to act older than they were. i was never anxious to grow up. so how come im the first of my friends to get a job? furthermore, when i try to think of myself in 10 years, i have no idea where il be. i just cant imagine myself growing up, getting out of school and getting a full-time job. ....i want to be 16 forever.
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2 Responses Aug 21, 2007

life is pretty tough isn't it. it sucks growing up and having responsibilties but at the same time it makes you appreciate things a lot more. there will be times in you r life that you hate the things you have to do but when you see what you can learn from these experiences it makes everything worth it.

YOu might not try to act older than your age, but from your story I sense you ARE actually mentally very mature for your age, and seemingly responsible. You have a head start on life that you just don't fully concieve yet. But, enjoy your youth and youthful actions! YOu have plenty of time to "grow up" and learn what you want to be in life. Responsibility might be a part of it... but that doesn't mean we have to stop having FUN! ;P