The Difference Between Men And Boys

Is that men have more expensive toys.

I'm 53 going on 26. Young enough to enjoy all the youthful activities, old enough to be a little sensible. Though not always.

My girlfreind is 47 and thought that she was stuck at 26 but now is 24 as she wants to be younger than me. LOL

I have been fortunate that I joined the Scouts when I was a boy and learned rock climbing, absailing, sailing, etc, etc. Since then I have become a diving and canoeing instructor, had 42 parachute jumps, had an internatinal racing licence for karting, the list goes on.

I love doing the happy dance and used to do it before it was done in the film Noah, much to my girlfreinds amusement. 

She does tell me to grow up sometimes but only when I'm being very silly.

Enjoy life. Love to live, live to love


far2wicked far2wicked
51-55, M
Feb 26, 2010