I Don't Want To Grow Up....

I still Love watching cartoons and not the stupied ones the ones that were good the ones that were worth watching. Angry beavers, Doug, Ren and stiempy or how ever you spell it. Rocko's modern life, All kinds.

Now all they got is stupid Hanna montanna ....AHHHH I miss the good old cartoon violance. And i don't mean like buggs bunny i mean like cartoon you could watch that would haft way make you sick in the middle of the show.

I do like some of the new cartoons they came out with Chowder, and the misadventures of flap jack I love that show its funny.

I miss when there wasn't cell phones and big expenive game systems. I used to play outside all the time. I loved climbing trees.

And i still want to kick the **** out of pinyatas I never got one at my birthday....

now the fun is gone I now have to be seen as an adult.....boring

well time to play oblivion lol i guess its not all that bad.

IronHeart IronHeart
Mar 3, 2010