Agitating Tick

It is 2010 and with this year comes technology. Many people don't own diaries/journals any more- no their personal belongings of hidden secrets are their computers.

Like many others, I use my laptop for everything. It is used for work, writing, research and watching movies/shows. Though there isn't anything taboo on my computer that doesn't mean that I want everyone snooping around on it. I consider my writings private, something that isn't intended for folks to read until posted.

The thing I like less than someone fiddling around on my computer looking at the information held within is when people start filling it up with their own crap. Going onto websites that download stupid cookies, downloading music that I do not enjoy or saving pictures/other files that are not desired to live on said computer.

Because I have two computers, I keep the laptop reserved for just myself and the main iMac is for everyone to dink around with. At the end of every month I go through that iMac and clean it up of the unwanted crap. At least this way there is only one computer that needs cleaning at the end of the month rather than two. (Just to note: I am a micro-organizer when it comes to the files on my computer so everything needs to be in the right places)

If I sit down at one of my computers and feel like I can't find anything, like I am sitting down at this computer for the first time- then my agitation levels bubble like some sort of tick crawling under my skin but I just cant get the tweezers to grip onto.
Linxer Linxer
31-35, F
Jul 21, 2010