I'm Not Paranoid, I'm Just

This is why.

Not gonna lie, I have some stuff that I would not want people to see. Some items include angst-ridden poems, suicidal thought snippets, short stories based on personal experiences, some experimental writing too. I feel like people would be freaked out if they should see any of those things. I'm sure I would be at least a little unnerved if I stumbled upon a document like that on someone else's computer. But you really shouldn't be looking at people's documents, should you? It almost makes me want to move such docs under a folder called Secret or Private but I know that would only pique people's interest...but sometimes it feels ironic placing the documents anywhere else. More often I wonder why I even save documents like that. I can only guess it's for the same reason that I can't afford to lose my internet history, or chat logs. It's just sort of like "This happened and I have proof."

Not to mention that I save my internet history (for my own benefit, like in case I forget to bookmark an important site) and some sites I visit border on risqué...e.g. I visit fictionpress and usually go straight for the most controversial stories the Young Adult lit section has to offer. Not even to satisfy some sort of unnatural fetish - but just to keep informed, you know?

Additionally I use the Opera browser (I like the speed, man) and on average people seem to be confused when they can't find an IE icon or the Firefox logo on my desktop. "Dude you don't have internet??" "No, no, I do. It's just the big 'O' icon." "Haha, 'big O.'" After which I get a few questions about Opera, why I'm not using IE, what a browser is, and at some point I just decide, "Just tell me what site you want to go to. I will figure it out for you."

Also not long ago I had an embarrassing Sailor Moon wallpaper. Sometimes I set my wallpaper to something really embarrassing that brings me really good, happy, nostalgic memories. But these sessions don't last very long because I remember that someone may see my desktop while I'm signing off or switching windows so I have to set it to something more appropriate and nondescript, like a beach.
theroadtohello theroadtohello
18-21, F
Jul 29, 2010