It's not that I have anything to hide, its just that my laptop is where I keep all of my venting diaries. And I do not want anyone using my laptop long enough to go snooping through my things, reading my stuff and then questioning me about the things I have written.

There are certain things that I've wrote about; certain friends and family members and even about myself, that I've felt at the time.. I don't want someone to read what I wrote and then go looking through my stuff because they feel as if I'm being a fake friend. When I have a problem with a person, I let them know. But sometimes there are some things that I just need to keep to myself and MYSELF only. And that is why I now have passwords for my things.

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Why not get a book diary? Does this apply to partners as well.

i use passwords myself.

I completely understand, and feel the same. I consider my computer a "diary" if you search through it, you have pretty much violated my privacy. And well, we all need privacy. :)