I just hate it, they could find my ****... I mean err, my secret school work documents yeah... ;) :P x
ThatGirlSara ThatGirlSara
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Worse than them finding your **** is them finding it and deleting it!!!

I also hate when people want to use your phone then start looking around at your pictures, messages and mails.

every old lap top when it stops working it goes to the tip after I take out the hard drive and smash it .I don't want people having my personal info or 100s of naked pics lol.

omg. i'm the same way, my mom just got me a new laptop and wants my old one....i'm paranoid she'll find my dirty little secret

hahahahaha! I know just what you mean!

Yes I freak out if my mum wants to borrow my laptop !! My wife using my laptop fine, coz she loves all my ****!!

That's cool, me too

I never saw any **** , all I saw were BORING pages and pages if schoolwork !!!

Lol awesome!