Do Your Own Thing

I do not judge others by the clothes that they choose to wear, or the ones they don’t choose to wear either. I don’t judge others by the job they do; a job status means nothing to me. I do not judge another person by the God or God’s they choose to worship or not worship.  I won’t judge them for the music they listen to either.  I do not judge them based on where they came from from or the life path that they are walking now for that matter. I do not judge a person by who they are as a person or the person that they wish to pretend that they are here. I do not judge a person by who I think they are because I have been fooled too many times by my assumptions. No, I won't judge you but I ask for the same consideration in return.
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I really like yr sentiments and wish more people would live with that approach to life. I never wear makeup and often feel guilty or lazy for my choice. It's hard not to be pressured by societal norms sometimes.

i don,t think that beauty of face is imp,<br /><br />
i prefer the beauty of heart,

then I think you are lovely indeed

That's right dance to you own drummer

I try not to judge at all

Our differences are what make us interesting. While we all have preferences as to who we do and don't get along with. I think it needs to be ba<x>sed on way more they who you wear and what you drive.....Folks who get all hung up on the shallow, materialistic stuff is a BIG turn off for me....

"Our differences are what make us interesting." Most of the times they let the interesting gets out of hand and what starts as something fresh in the eyes becomes a target of malice and insult. *prints off FG's story and mails them to in laws*

Giggles... ** I should subtitle this.... "Sylphy's In Law Manual!"

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