They Or I Just Do Not Get It?

Hello. I have a long story but I will cut alot out lol. Its hard to fit in the crazy world that we live in. Here is my base. I am a mom of a very cute and smart (all moms say) 4 yr old boy who his like his mom some what. That there makes it harder. Epilepsy seizures daily and dealing with pain and bad hand that is getting worse from another thing called Scerliderma even makes it even worse. Lets say I am treated like a bad cherry in the family tree. My mom worries about her grandson getting taken care of well or he may have health issues like me. I am so tired of it. All my life I have been kept quiet about this because if you do people will run from you. Know what lol most the time my family was right. I would get freinds as soon as I tell them they when bye bye.That is a same. It was bad enough being single without a child. Now being a mom people are critical and look at you harder. Now they can see something like my hand and always being asked about it but reaily do not care but judge. No way I will tell any one I have epilepsy are you kidding. My mom had plans for me called home nurse but I got my own life. Boy am I getting a back lashing from this. Some one seen me for who I am, my hubby. I still have that fear he will get tired of this health thing I have. Having a child is great and tuff but he gives me joy and someone who does not judge me. I try to fit in but at the end I am the one kicked to the wall by both society and family. I do not get it? Why, what is it. I guess I may be too nice lol I try to keep my chin up as I have always done and keep moving. I love everyone for who they are not what they are or how they look. Hope that makes since. Society can be a twist in the mind :> Hugs

pazu1 pazu1
Jan 14, 2013