Sometimes I Want To Be Like Everyone Else

I don't fit in. I don't fit into any stereotypical groups. I am not interested in what most other people are. It seems you MUST ME INTERESTED IN: Sci-fi, anime, crime shows, violence, and gaming to name a few. Everyone is into this stuff except me. And I feel I am judged for this. I wish I was like everyone else, then maybe I'd make a few more friends. I don't even know my interests. I'm boring, disappointing, dull, I am MEDIOCRE. If you don't have stuff in common with people you can't go very far can you?

Mediocre Mediocre
22-25, F
2 Responses Feb 26, 2010

I think people in this group just have problems; even though I have a lot in common with other people, I cannot connect with anybody. The problem is not of an intellectual nature, but rather of an emotional one, I suppose.

You have a very valid point at the end here. The fact I never like sports, gossip, and organizaed religion is probably what killed me in the end... But I do have to LOL at the thought of anyone saying they are unpopular cause they don't like half the things on your list. Many of those people say they are unpopular -BECAUSE- they love those things (sci-fi and gaming come immediately to mind as examples). But you are right, people don't usually hate people -because of what they like-... They shun them because they don't perceive the magic "this person is like me" signal from them...