Dealing With Illegal Inspections And Psychiatric Diagnosis



I am writing about my experience with flake psychiatric teaching and I am glad to inform I have never had a reason to believe in psychiatry and that makes me feel illustrious and glad and true to form.

My ODSP pension however is a severe scam I am not sure how to deal with it yet and suggest I probably won't.

The lawsuits against the public officials are great however they are not soon enough to satisfy me is not enough to make the flake diagnosis go away or the hit at the lower economy which has been booming since day one, minus ME of course,.

I was given some flake diagnosis and told my medical file would be held against me in a court of law.

The mental illness is acute market malpractice and the pension was basically an arrest or time off for good behavior. It has actually destroyed my existence and was to benefit or reward the state.

The medical malpractice is horsecrap too and was a scare to say the least.

murder and rape are the pinnacle of the system and how to follow unlike some dummies that are corporate breeds and cannot seem to handle the mainstream without a real problem happening to the rest of us.

I am still pissed off and waiting for the truth.







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Oct 13, 2009