She Might Be The Mayor, But I Am A Town Council Man

She thinks that just because she's the mayor, she can throw her weight around.  I have **** turds bigger than her!  She thinks, and everybody has to agree to her terms?  I don't, and i will take her down with the help of the media, if she keeps acting the she is now?  garentee it (country slang). I was voted by the people, and I am for the people, and I am not hindin' no crap that she likes to cover up( and that's no ****).  I ain't goin' to lie for noone.  I don't lie for my mistakes and I ain't goin' do it fer her.  The only crap, I'll cover up is the crap I just stepped in, stuck to my foot(damn).  ooops!  LOL.

pepsiboy pepsiboy
46-50, M
Feb 22, 2010