I Hate Hate.

Every human being on Earth was put here by God for a specific reason. If the devil has tormented their mind, their soul is still pure in God. If you hate them, you are commiting murder in your heart, therefore making yourself no better than them. There are people who disgust me, scare me, and make me wonder why, but overall, why waste time on hating them?

ashleyanonymous ashleyanonymous
13-15, F
2 Responses Mar 7, 2010

I think this life is short for loving each other and how ppl find time to wast energy on hating...Let the God decide if some one hurts you ...I can't hate any one ..only the word shook me off.

I agree completly! Though I find it hard sometimes (we are all human) I try my best not to hate anyone! Even if someone is mean to me. I just pray to God to clean their hearts. I never let anyone get to me anymore..It is just satan trying to get at me and it isn't gonna work!