Not Having A "bestie" Sucks

I wish I could be called someones BEST FRIEND. The person who I consider my best friend ( he doesnt know ) I am not his best friend ( he already has two). lol. To just have someone so close that knows me in and out. My husband is my bestfriend but sometimes he sucks lol
bellarose84 bellarose84
1 Response Aug 12, 2010

Hi Bellarose84,<br />
You sound like a reasonable person, and I [Male] know how U feel although I am twice your age, I am a good honest Guy, and am married, and have been for the last 40 odd yrs,my name is Gazza nickname your can send me an email if U want to, and I could be your friend I don;t know were you live ,but that doe's not matter I'm from New Zealand.<br />
that makes me a KIWI eh, Anyway, I thought perhaps you could give me your email, BUT, only, IF you want to, I don't want to be forcing anyone into doing what they DON'T want to do.<br />
Look Bellarose84 I have really enjoyed writing this,if, I don't get any response that FINE,so, I'll say to you "All the best, in the future,and please look after yourself, and Im sure everything will work out, just fine,I know marriage doe's not always work out to what we would like,god, mine has been up and down, thats for sure,one has to take both the good and bad,of these relationships and strike a happy medium, Sometimes having a Family brings married and couples together, note, "sometimes" but each one has to work that out,eh.