Anniversary Of Death

Today is the anniversary of my best friends death.

We met at twelve. She saw me through almost every facet of my life. The boyfriends and hook-ups, the apartment shopping and house-hunting, the pregnancy scare, the break-ups and make-ups, the wedding, the discontent, the joy, and most definitely the pain.
She was my one constant. My north star.

Now she's gone.

I never was much good at keeping female friends. Not intimate close ones, anyhow. Now I'm lost, without my north-star, my touchstone. I will never have another Christina. The shared history of our lives is over, and it's just me, now.

I miss you, you sweet, crazy, funny, ****** up girl.
msdamgoode msdamgoode
41-45, F
1 Response May 24, 2012

Oh~ I'm so sorry. It's very rare someone gets a lifelong best friend. I have never had one. I recently met a woman online and got a brief idea what it's like to have someone you can tell anything sucks to lose that connection~ =(

It's the hardest loss I've ever had in my life, and I've had my share.
It was the closest I'll ever come to having a sister. I was quiet, she was wild. I was a book-worm, she was an artist. We were so different, but she brought me out of my shell, and I gave her some serenity. Yin and Yang. I miss her like I'd miss my right arm.

rest in the knowledge that she lives on in your heart and mind...