Almost Makes Me Cry

I'll be 32 next year and Ive never had a best friend proper before. I've had people who I've called best friend but some how it never felt right or I thought I did but they just up and abandoned me, and since they did that they don't count to me. I just want someone to get my jokes and me theirs; to wisecrack and prank with each other, to get into trouble with..and out. To call me on my bs, to give eachother "that look" and we either burst into laughter or cry, for me to know what he or she is thinking and vice versa without a word, someone I can talk to easily, bond and share my darkest secrets without judgement, someone when times get very tough(as they do often) they don't bail. Someone who enjoys the same things I do and dont, but we can share anyway. Someone who we can fight and then make up immediately. Someone I can give affection to and they reciprocate. Someone whos presence lights me up and vice versa. Someone I could kick *** for. Someone that if I get married they're my best gal or guy, when/if I ever have kids, he/she is their godparent/honorary aunt/uncle...someone that feels like a brother or sister in all but blood.

Where are you? :(
Lov3intheasylum Lov3intheasylum
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

I wish that you find this too!!!!!!!! I dont know where id be without my bestie. I wish u soooo much luck in finding him/her!! Im almost 32 and i met her last year!! We came into eachothers life at the absolute right time. So its not too late for you!!! :D

I'm happy you found her. Just like most things in my life I got to wait a little until they come to me but it'll be so great when it does :)