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Unconditionally Best Friends

The women I know with sisters have a trusted best friend even when they hate each other.
The friends I have had in my life seem to come and go with the phases of my life. In retrospect that's alright too, but knowing that your bond with one forever friend who has been there with you would be better.
As an adult I was sure sisters-in-law would grace my life. That was not to be either. My toxic ex is adruggie a cheater and an abuser, his nasty half sisters ignored me. That turned out to be for the best. One of those hidden blessings really. Those two dingbats could never be trusted as friends, heck they do not even like each other.
So now I am happily divorced! Its safe to say Divorce is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have a new boyfriend, he has sisters, but my view of the situation is much more cautious and reserved. We are all adults making the best of each day we are blessed with, so I will be friendly but not count on my possible future sisters-in-law as friends.
Time is a slow teacher but a sound one at that. I have also learned that if they like me thats wonderful, but if we do not get along its all good too.
LadyGypsy LadyGypsy 41-45, F 1 Response Jan 7, 2013

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I go through friends like that as well. My bf only has a brother and a half brother and of course a wicked mother.