I am proud of my body, it shows what I have been through and what I go through every day. It is scarred from surgeries and slightly warped by CP but it is beautiful. I am thin and small; on the whole I have a nice figure.
missymonkery missymonkery 22-25, F 5 Responses May 26, 2010

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Nice post/keep positive =)

id totally Tap that :)

We all seem to have health issues but most people hide it. Grats on being strong and living the best life you can :)

U should proud of that girl u r beautiful :)

Hey you should get out there and go for it if you want to while youre young!!! Life goes by fast sweetheart, and if you can be a super model, well what have you got to lose, you are lovely smart and tall enough and I encourage you is short, and the journey is fun and a struggle at times, dont waste it...I wish you the best:) *hugs*