I Kept Him Warm...

I may be kinda "chubby"... I may have wrinkly cellulitey bits near my thighs and bum, my tummy still has stretchmarks, under my arms does too, and the tops of my boobs even! My skin is not as clear and youthful as it was 10 years ago... I'm quite short and still look almost childish, which makes my being somewhat chubby more noticeable too... I'm sometimes mistaken for a "fat teenager" despite being nearly 27!

Yet I kept my baby warm in this body. I kept him warm, and safe and helped him grow... I nurtured him and made every part of him perfect and complete. I delivered him in the most awe-inspiring, amazing and joyful ways. I did not scream, cry or curse during my labour... My child was safe and sound from the moment he was conceived and until he was put into my arms, and there he stays...

He was born fast asleep (breathing fine, heart rate fine) despite having no drugs, he was genuinely sleeping... Not a bit of blood or vernix on him, he looked like a soap-opera baby, yet sleeping soundly... My baby was kept so warm and snug he was not even shocked awake when he came into this world.

So I am proud of every piece of my body now. Because this body, despite not being stick thing, and despite being wobbly and lumpy in parts, THIS body made a whole other person. That makes this body pretty special... That makes me pretty proud! I'd rather have THIS body, and the beautiful thing it created and nurtured, rather than a perfect body without him :)

Thanks for reading...

PS I think "This" body can be pretty sexy anyway!! :P This is me in my Fancy Dress for a party I'm hitting next weekend. Not too bad for someone who had a mum 8 months ago anyway, I think...!

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Thankyou, Girly :) and how lucky am I? I get to do it all over again...! I'm pregnant again, due in March... Very special indeed. At 19, the doctors told me not to expect to ever be able to have kids... so welcome to the world in March, miracle baby number 2 :) I am truly blessed...

Aww, thanks Prettywittynell :D<br />
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I'm so proud of being a mum. I'd never planned to be, but it happened, and now I can't remember what life was like before it. I have memories of it, but the ability to "feel" what that was like again has been replaced by a life I feel is so much more "full" to me now. I feel like for once I actually have a sense of purpose, a reason for living, sounds all so cliche but it's true. I am so much less selfish, more caring, less angered and more playful :)<br />
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You're very, very welcome :)

This was absolutely beautiful! I almost cried reading it, even though I don't have a child or have never been pregnant. I am not overweight by any means, but even at 5'9" and 135 lbs, I have insecurities about my body. I think all women do. But your post made me proud to be a woman and hopefully a mother some day. Thank you.

Ahh, bless your cotton socks... If I could get a job in "Ye Olde Towne Hospital" and be allowed to wear the Victorian garb all the time, I totally would!! Love it :) As for my poses they were HARDLY strategic I assure you!! I live alone, so had to use the webcam to take the pics, was the only way I could get them in fr<x>ame. Cheers though, glad I made your dad :P