Why Would I Want One?

Nothing wrong with having an ectomorph body shape, which I don't happen to have been born with... but why would I want to look artificially-starved? That is and looks unhealthy and unnatural. Why would I want boob implants? They look unhealthy and unnatural, especially on a frame that doesn't suit their size. Nothing wrong with being very tall, and I do happen to be very tall... but why would I want to work for an industry that actively discriminates against those who are not, for no damn reason whatsoever?

Modelling might be practical, useful... even beautiful. Get lots of shapes and sizes and looks in modelling. But supermodelling? Magazine fashion nonsense. Drivel. Pidgeonholing, typecasting, prejudiced-to-the-core... so negative, just plain doesn't look good either. And entirely unnecessarily harmful and cruel to those who participate in it (this coming from a fighter) - not just physically but especially emotionally. So... **** supermodelling.

I'd ***** and pose nude for an art class for the sheer fun of it but I'd not starve myself and pose as a supermodel, even if I did have the body shape for it. Screw them and their harmful, warped ideals.

I do not have a super model body, and I'm glad of it.
I'd be ill if I did. And not very attractive.
Torthrodhel Torthrodhel
26-30, F
Jan 1, 2012