I'm pretty sure I don't have an hidden agenda! There's not much hidden about me. I am very honest and everything is always on the table, for people to see. In fact, my mother and sister are worried that I share too much information about myself online. But, I have a need to not keep things a secret (if possible) and let it all be public knowledge.  ;-)

I've always been the pretty straight-forward type. Very blunt and raw with my words too. Though, I do not wish to offend! But I want to be honest always. So, when I say something or give a compliment, know that it's the pure truth from me. And I'm saying it, because I want to, not because I feel I have to... or for some hidden agenda. I do not kiss-up to others, I feel like I am above that. And I don't give compliments if I don't feel like they are due.  I don't laugh at jokes, if they're not funny. But I do laugh, when they are. It may be a little arrogant on my part, but this is how I am. :-D

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Mar 8, 2009