I Preformed Surgery On Myself Because I Had No Insurance

I currently am a middle class working 27 year old male. At the moment for certain reasons I don't have any health insurance and haven't for a few years now. I have tried to get medicaid, private personal insurance etc... however no luck...

Anyway, I recently started to get a pain in my lower lower back along with an infection to the point where I could barely walk, this is indicative of a pilonidal cyst. Instead of scheduling surgery, paying without insurance (thousands) and going through the pain for any longer I decided to do surgery on myself.

First I found a knife with a very sharp point and soaked it in rubbing alcohol for 20 minutes or so. I also cleaned the area as much as I could with antibiotic soap and also rubbing alcohol, anti-biotic cream etc... I then stabbed the cyst until it bled slicing it enough to where It could absorb an anti-biotic (extremely pain-full!!!). I then cleaned the area from the bloody mess with Gauss and put more anti-biotic cream around it and packed the Gauss in with a few band aids.

Within an hour or so my fever from the infection went a way and all I had was a slight stinging feeling from where I performed the self surgery. The stinging feeling was much better than the infected cyst feeling. I then took a few allicin garlic pills because I heard they can act as a natural anti-biotic since I had no prescriptions or anything. The next day I was fine and saved a ton of money without having health insurance.

Now, I know it could come back again so I will be more careful from now on. When I do get health insurance someday, I will get the full surgery...

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1 Response Feb 23, 2009

That was impressive! Now what you need to do is what I did. Find a good broker who can find you an affordable health insurance plan that will not break you. Use a broker and not some agent you find on the internet or T.V. There is a difference between a captured insurance agent who can sell yu only what their compamy offers and a broker who works with many comapnies and is able to find you something in your price range with the coverage that you desire. I have a guy who is nation wide and he found me a 50 year olf man health insurance coverage with medication, Dr visitis and inpatient hospitalization for less than $100.00 per month Every year so far he ahs found me something less expensive with the same coverage than the year before. So don't believe the bullshit. There are options out there if you look in the right places.