I really don't have many friends


I have a few people who are close friends but not a lot of friends

most of my friend are here on EP

and they are wonderful

librakitty05 librakitty05
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here bizarre is good

I feel same way too. In reality I do not have circle of friend and sometimes it made me insecure and wishing to be sorrounded by friends. I do not know maybe for some people I am weird or bizzare?? heheh

i know what you mean, i tend to have an easier time being myself on here than i do out in the "real" world. i'm also someone who prefers a smaller group of close friends than a huge crowd i don't really care for. i'm very thankful for all my ep friends!

Thank You both for you friendship

It is funny I can be more of my self here then off line<br />
off line I have to keep this public face on

i'm like you librakitty. More here on EP. Most in my life are acquaintances and not really friends in the true sense. Those that are i try very hard to stay in touch with. (((((Hugs)))))

I have more friends here then in "real life". It's because I am a person that likes to have a few really good friends around me than alot of people that I am not close to.<br />
<br />
Here on EP I like having a lot of different kinds of friends in my circle becuase I have found that having many I can always find someone on line when I am to communicate with if needed.