It's About Quality Not Quantity

Even my 11 year old knows the difference between an acquaintance and a friend. I have 2 friends that I love and trust and for me that's more than enough. In the relationship compartment of my brain, it takes me a while to figure out where you fit in. I am constantly watching and evaluating your actions to see where you fit in. This has always worked for me because I don't get hurt.
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Well said glenara. true friends are hard to find and precious. Unfortunately I am not sure if I actually have any true friends now only acquaintances seeing that the only two I trusted left my life. Although I do have some friends which I have met through my family members/relatives but they are not close to me like the other two were.

thanks for the comments<br />
alliya, you are right it takes time and most people just aren't willing to put it in<br />
endless, it takes me months, sometimes if fact years to really trust a person, that's why I have 100 acquaintances and only 2 friends<br />
ashley, I am sorry you have been hurt. I used to feel the same way, that's why now for me there is a huge difference between a friend and an acquaintance, and those who fall in the second category have no power to hurt me

I really don't believe in real friendship, im a skeptic about real friendship (or love)<br />
my friends they all finish to betray me in some way :(... and the majority of people who talks to me is because they have second intentions

Well said. True friendship requires a mutual trust between individuals that can't be developed quickly or easily. It takes time and energy to develop a relationship like that.

Wow, that was so well stated! I have to admit that I do have a 100 foot wall erected to protect my heart. I am very easily hurt and have always called this my protection, but you are right, it is in fact a barrier. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.