Not So Real Friends

True friends should always have your back when it comes to secrets and keeping them. But unfortunately my "friends" are willing to rat me out whenever they can. They'll go and tell everyone what I did the night before or tell secrets that I wouldn't want anyone to know. Regardless of how they treat me I always keep their secrets because I want them to see that I'm a good friend and that they can trust me but I always end up with the short end of the stick. Waiting for them to realize that I've been a good friend all along and maybe for once they should return the favor. I know most of you would tell me to just get new friends, but I've been friends with these people for 11 years and its not as easy as it sounds to just give up on someone you've spent your whole life with..
diaryofamessedupteen diaryofamessedupteen
18-21, F
Jun 11, 2012