Well I Did Once.

Back some number of year's ago while my wife was working I got bored and went to the mall to just walk around and window shop. I was walking down the center of the mall and passed this one booth that did free ear piercing if you bought their ring's or stud's and I got a wild hair. I thought I would shock my wife and get an ear pierced. I had no intention of keeping it I just wanted to shock her so I had it done. This was on a saturday and though I forget which one it was it was either mother's day or father's day on sunday, the following day. Well it worked good and shocked my wife but she also told me that I had to keep it in for a couple of day's so it would'nt get infected. No problem I would leave it and then till monday or tuesday and then throw it out.

Now I will mention here that I was raised in an old fashioned pentecostal christian home where men just dont do this sort of thing. That night my phone rang and it was my mother and she said that her and dad were going out to eat on sunday and ask if we wanted to meet them at the resturant and I agreed. What she did'nt tell me was the pastor and his wife along with her parent's would be joining us. Well I come walking in and they are all seated at a table except for dad who was up at the salad bar. All there mouth's were hanging open and they had a real funny look on their face. Before I could even get to my seat my mother's head was shaking back and fort and she kept repeating that she would never thought this of her son. What are you talking about momma ? I looked down to make sure my pant's were zipped up. Well I never as they all kept looking at me. Momma what are you talking about ? That thing in your ear !! I had totally forgot about the piercing and my hand went right to my ear. I never said a word and turned on my heal's and headed right to the men's room where I took it out and threw it away. I went back to the table and did my best to explaine it was just a joke and why it was still there but it did'nt change the fact with momma. Well needless to say I was rather quite the rest of the meal. My wife got the last laugh on this one as the hole grew closed never to be opened again. My Best. P.S. Your never too old to escape a scolding from momma.
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I don't like body piercings of any kind on either gender, so I guess I'm with your mother.

You my dear, had a very smart Momma..I got a laugh out of this one..imagining your night out to dinner...clearly you never forgot that one.