My Mom and I Argue About That

When I was six my mom and I were walking down the street talking about how I did NOT want to get my ears pierced because I thought it would hurt. My mom tried to convince me otherwise by pinching my arm. Only, she doesn't seem to realize how STRONG she is. It hurt- like, a LOT and I started crying-bawling actually-in the middle of downtown sobbing that I was never NEVER going to get my ears pierced. Since then this has become an on and off issue with us. What the hell is wrong with not wanting to poke holes in your ears!?

Orypeci Orypeci
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2 Responses Mar 5, 2009

I agree. I'm a man. I haven't seen any male who think ear piercing makes girl more beautiful. I can't understand why women poke holes in their ears to be beautiful. Many males don't think those are beautiful. If you think earrings are beautiful, their are many clip-on earrings. You can wear those. Have a nice day! :)

I've had my ears pierced twice and ended up having surgery 3 times as a result due to scar tissue that was growing (keyloiding). However, I do wear earrings everyday but they are not pierced of course. I found a new type of non pierced earring called an "Hoop-on" that come in an array of modern styles and most importantly, they are lightweight and comfortable. Definitely not your mama's old school clip on earrings. There is even a featherweight line that weighs in at grams or less (approx weight of a penny). Check out:! Look great without all the side effects of piercings.