I am in a very happy relationship, we live together for over a year now....everything shows for the best...making long-term plans and all... (i know every relationship is like that till its not but knowing the person and myself i know that it is the one!)

The "problem" is his sister. She lives with us. She has her own room and hopefully she will be able to move out in a couple of years. The thing is until that time the situation is awkward and difficult. We are the exact opposite in so many ways. We keep avoiding / not supporting each other existence all the time...I know I feel like that and I am sure she feels the same way too but there is no other solution but to live in the same house for now. She is in no way a bad person , we are just incompatible.

The last 2 days she is obviously angry at me (and possibly her brother)....she is staying all day in her room...eating there...everything...will not join us for nothing and barely speaks to us (me). The only thing I can imagine that could cause that is me and him going out on Friday night without her. But we are a couple we need our time and space....She has no friends and that leaves us with the "responsibility " of taking her out....I just do not know how to approach her ....what and how to react to her moods...

I just feel frustrated sometimes and I do not want to be grumpy about it or bother my boyfriend about it...but this situation just makes me feel like that. Sad, frustrated, confused and in need of precious time with him alone, other of that during bed time....

I am so sorry for this long post and thank you for anyone actually reading it all. :) Just needed to get my frustration out. If you guys have any advice I'd love to hear it.

Amellya Amellya
26-30, F
Aug 17, 2014