I Rescued A Female Cat Then Found Out She Was Pregnant Now I Do Not Know How To Tell When She Goes Into Labour ?

I AM SCARED TO DEATH AND NEED HELP AND REASURANCE THAT THIS WILL BE OK  !!!!!!!!!! I've never had a pregnant cat before and don't know what to expect.  I've rescued cats and dogs the past 30 years and never had to deal with this.  I'm 64 years old and would appreciate any help.   "Nattie"is approximately 6 years old, she's a long haired tortoise shell - I've had her only 3 weeks.  I had her tested for feline leukemia and thank God she was negative.  She is acting strange yesterday and today.   Her appetite is great, it seems like she has cramps and her sides are really swollen.  She's walking funny and she stops to lay down every once in a while.  Please help me to know what to expect.  Thank you!  Nattie 58

Nattie58 Nattie58
1 Response Mar 14, 2010

All the times my cat was pregnant, she showed little to no distress, she was just worn out. She usually would do it iin a place where the kittens would be "safe", i.e. under the bed (yuck), in the basment, places like that where predators would not likely find them. I guess cat's might all be different though, like people, but I hope they're all healthy and that!