Feeling the absence

Each day that passes by

Seing the presence

Walking through the emptiness


In the mirror of the life,

Promises have been made

Decisions but not taken

Understanding can be fade


Don’t be the perhaps,

but the now

and the always…

Be the unconditional love,

and the happiness in someone’s face,

Not a love like others,

but the one where sadness has no place anymore.

Before is too late...

You won't know how important someone is for you until they are out of your life...



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7 Responses Feb 28, 2009

extraordinary sentiments.<br />
<br />
true<br />
<br />
need to think after reading that.<br />
<br />
of the love that leaves no room for sadness in it

Written from deep in one's soul....I love it.

Great post, TP...<br />
<br />
Those who have been unkind to their friends lately would do well to read this...<br />
<br />

Oh, God. TP....<br />
*crying*<br />
This touched me.

It honestly works ...

I am here! Smiles

Inspiring and excellently said TendereyesPrincess, I think I'll listen ...